Jonathan Gunnels

Jonathan Gunnels
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Mr. Gunnels is a veteran of the real estate industry, with 20 years of experience.  He first began in real estate education.  As an instructor and co-owner of a real estate school, he was able to work with some of the best and brightest in the industry.  He wrote over 15 courses and taught hundreds of hours year after year.
At 25 years of age, he opened his first real estate company.  He was responsible for sales associate management, creation and implementation of policy, associate training, and much more.  The company had over 30 agents, and closed millions worth of real estate each year.  Two years into the project, the company opened an in-house lending company to help facilitate smooth transactions.  The in-house lending program continued to prosper for many years.

During the recession, there was consolidation throughout the real estate industry.  His original company closed due to the retirement of his partner.  Mr. Gunnels, knowing of the impending collapse, took time off with family for many years.  

Now that the recession is over and the market is returning, Mr. Gunnels felt that it was time to begin anew. His new company focus is on quality of service, rather than volume of sales.  While many companies strive to grow at any cost, his focus is on maintaining personalized service.  When quality is your goal, the sales are sure to follow!

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Highly likely to recommend

Jonathan was worlds better than the realtor I used in my first move in Texas. Using him in SC showed me just how poor of job my last realtor did. Jonathan took time to explain every detail to us and even gave us suggestions and advice that helped me and my wife make informed decisions. I highly recommend Jonathan for any realtor needs

written on 10/7/2018 by CharlesKirk9 Bought a Single Family home in 2018 for approximately $275K in Summerville, SC.
Likely to recommend

This hunt with Jonathan was no easy one. With the housing market booming and homes are spare, it took us a while but we got it done.

I had a tight deadline(2 months) that I wanted to move into a home and stop paying over priced apartments in the area. The search started very slow but started picking up with time. He is very responsive and at times had me concerned if he was even sleeping. The best thing you can do is with as much detail as possible, show and tell him what your dream homes looks like. If you do not like his selections, tell him. He seems to be able to take the honest truth. Long story long, we final found a really nice house that overall was cheaper than renting an apartment and accomplished this within my time frame.

written on 9/25/2018 by markeboyflash5 Sold a Single Family home in 2018 in Ladson, SC.